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About Us

The Nelson C Lathan Counseling

Center (NCLCC)is dedicated to emotional health and educational success for all of our youth. All of our programs are designed to provide emotional support and educational guidance. Enhancing lives and empowering people is our motto and we strive to do this through education, mentoring, career exploration and personal/social growth to develop our youth into self efficient students. NCLCC is dedicated to helping the youth realize their potential and grow

as individuals.

NCLCC has created programs from proven educational ,personal/social, and career based standards. These programs are designed to address our youth educational , emotional and developmental needs. Students in our programs have been able to speak with college professors, visit colleges , speak with college students, go on college tours, participate in college fairs, speak with professional athletes, attend athletic conferences, learn how to apply to college and find college scholarships, understand the value of time and time management and sit in on college classes and many other activities. We want our youth to understand that you need to develop emotionally as well as academically. The importance of having good character is crucial in today's world and we stress this in our programs for the youth and in our organization as a staff.

The Nelson C Lathan Counseling Center

The Nelson C Lathan Counseling Center Roads to Scholars Attitudes For Athletes and BFT Young Womens Program

         NCLCC has partnered with other organizations and educational institutions in order to help achieve these goals. The Nelson C Lathan Counseling Center is a member of the Arizona College Access Network. NCLCC pushes and strives for all of our youths to be the very best they can be through education and personal growth.We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about what we do here at The Nelson C Lathan Counseling Center.

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