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Our Mission
The Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Center aims to “Give every child the empowerment to have enriched and productive lives
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The Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Center 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization has a progressive vision and passion for youths.  With the social and academic challenges in the world today it’s imperative that we are proactive to orchestrate intervention and prevention of past and current ailing’s. The Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Non-Profit Organization aspires to be a cornerstone in the community by having transformative impact on our youths today. The youth are the future generation. We are all responsible for making them realize their self- worth, increase their self esteem, guide them to build on their potential and help them recognize & embrace their value in the community. The Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Center is devoted to achieving this mission.

The Nelson C Lathan Counseling Center is a proud member of the
Arizona College Access Network